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Eric Plasker D.C.

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Eric Plasker, D.C., inspires his patients and the public alike to realize "a long life, well-lived." Former owner of two highly successful family practices, Dr. Plasker is the founder of the Council on Family Wellness for the World Chiropractic Alliance. Featured on the Discovery Channel's Forever Young, TBS'S MOVIE AND A MAKEOVER, and Connecting... Read More

Fredric Lehrman

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FREDRIC LEHRMAN, Director of Nomad University, has been active in the field of business psychology for over 25 years. His well-known seminar, GETTING MONEY RIGHT: the Psychology of Wealth, has helped thousands of people to end their anxieties about money and to expand their creativity and prosperity. A consultant to executives of such... Read More

Gale Glassner Twersky

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Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H. is a hypnotherapist/HypnoCounselor who is board certified in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a top-selling CD and book author, intuitive, motivational speaker and president of Glassner Associates Hypnosis for Personal Growth and Wellness since 1999. Gale's HypnoCounseling practice was based in Montclair, NJ... Read More

Garrett Gunderson

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Garrett B Gunderson is a natural-born entrepreneur who began his first officially licensed business by the age of 15 and immediately began to win business competitions across the state of Utah. Garrett took state for entrepreneurship in high school, and by the age of 18 was named the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year in a statewide competition... Read More

Gary Goodman

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Dr. Gary S. Goodman is a unique resource in the fields of customer service, sales, management consulting, and individual achievement. He combines over 20 years of leading-edge business and consulting experience with a communications Ph.D. from USC, a law degree from Loyola, and an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker School at Clarement Graduate... Read More

George Silverman

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George Silverman is President and Founder of Market Navigation Inc., a marketing consulting firm in Nanuet, New York. He's an acknowledged expert on word-of-mouth marketing, conducts speeches and workshops all over the world, is a member of the Advisory Board of WOMMA (the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association), and is a frequent speaker at WOMMA's... Read More

Gerald Epstein

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Gerald Epstein, M.D., has been a pioneer in the use of mental imagery for treating physical and emotional problems. With more that 25 years of training in the mind, he is a leading proponent of the Western spiritual tradition and its application to healing and therapeutics. Dr. Epstein maintains a private practice in New York City and is a... Read More

Gerald Jampolsky M.D.

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Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., is a child and adult psychiatrist, a graduate of Stan-ford Medical School, and a former faculty member of the University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco. He is the pioneer Founder of Attitudinal Healing. In 2005, he was the recipient of the prestigious Excellence in Medicine – Pride in the Profession... Read More